inventory management for pre-schools

In most preschools managing and monitoring inventory can be a daunting and one of the most overlooked task.

As most businesses slowly moving away from pen and paper, they needed a way to manage supplies and monitor them whenever they start running low. They would also want to know if certain items was moved from one room to another.

The solution

Using mobile technology LittleResources aims to help streamline this process so that the staff can focus more on their more important responsibilities of educating and looking after the children.

The goal

Our goal is to prototype an application accessible on mobile devices that would be intuitive enough to be used by users with little technology experience.

Here they have the option to choose between gallery view and list view. Aside from view preference the only task buttons are Add, Search and Return to main screen.

By limiting user options we could help the users better understand the flow easier and they can retain more information without bombarding them with unknowns.