a playdate app for parents with little or no social community support

What is it?

LittleOnce is an app for parents to find activities that their kids would love to do. It would allow them to discover and schedule playdates for their kids with other kids and their parents.

With LittleOnce parents can

  • Vote on an activity or post they really like.
  • Discover activities suggested by other parents.
  • Schedule playdates with other parents and their kids.
  • Post or suggest activities parents can do with their children.

Get notified of activities that you are interested in

Parents can create activities and post it publicly for everyone to attend. You can also create your own private event for your friends to join.

With this feature you can even find cool activities for when you are travelling with your little explorers all based on your childrens interests and your current location. Activities that are created and shared by other parents like yourself.

Help children start a well rounded social experience and allowing their parents to learn from the experience of other parents. Because our little one’s are only little… once.

Keep children busy and away from electronic gadgets by having constant activities with kids with same interests is now at the tip of your fingertips.

Status: Beta testing

*Product page live for expression of interest only