no pain invoicing

About the project

The client wanted to build a proof of concept to present to investors.

Their goal was to streamline invoicing between schools and parents. And allow schools to brand their invoices to send to parents.

Some key features of the application are:

Schools can create customer groups — the application can create auto-groups of customers based on the optional fields (class, level etc) provided or the user can create custom groups e.g. students who are taking Chinese as a second language etc.

Parents can fill in the required information, select options and quantities and then pay. Payment will be done through the payment provider, ie PayPal redirect, Braintree etc.

Upon successful payment, parents will receive an email receipt. invoicr users can also receive an email payment alert, if they desire.

invoicr – The simple and straightforward way to create invoices, email your customers and get paid!

Each customer in the list will receive a customized email with a unique link.

Customer List

User can track all payments made for each invoice sent, download captured data etc.

Payment Tracking
Coming Soon Page

View the invoicr DEMO page.

Role: Strategy Consultant, UX, UI, Web Development