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You caught me cleaning house. Well since you’re already here why don’t you sit back relax and grab a cup of your favorite beverage. And let me tell you something…

I’m mostly self taught

I have learned from those who have paved the way before me. And I find it my responsibility to share my knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

Tutorial: Titanic (3D movie) type treatment in Photoshop

Experimenting with photoshop actions and type treatment. Creating photoshop actions really saves a lot of time especially for repetitive tasks. I don’t always use it but when I have to, I’m really glad it’s there.

A photo manipulation tutorial, realm – The Ninth Planet (series)

Trying my hands on composites, I have always been fascinated by sci-fi and fantasy stories, movies and images. Looking at pictures with scenes that you will never see in real life feels like an experience. Just staring at it and getting lost inside.

How to recreate a digital bokeh effect “a la” abduzeedo in Photoshop

This tutorial originally came from another website but I somehow got stuck in one of the steps. From the comment section I realized I wasn’t the only one so I tried to figure it out for myself and then wrote a tutorial for those who were having the same issues with (from what I discovered) were missing steps by the original post author.