iNternn app

connecting interns with employers

With iNternn university students will have better options of matching their personality and skills with the right employers.

iNternn was a project I helped build as a Minimum Viable Product to get to funding stage. It’s main concept is to connect university students looking for internships with potential employers.

My responsibilities in this project:

  • User flow
  • User Interface
  • User Experience

The project requirements calls for simplicity of design and user journey. The client requested a prototype than can show enough of the idea that can be built with the least amount of time.

Features + Limitations

Signups – Access to the app will be by invitation only, sign ups will be handled using the Facebook API.

Users – The prototype will only target university students looking for internship programs. The employers are given a link to a web form where they can create custom questionnaires to help filter the right candidate.

User Experience – The user experience heavily borrows from popular dating apps like Tinder. The client likes the ease of selecting and dismissing companies that the interns are interested in.

Technology – The prototype will use the Ionic platform mobile app development and an SQL database for managing data.

Adding a gamification element to attract users to come back daily. As they would only receive 5 offers a day but the app includes a spinner game that might earn them an extra offer or gift.